audio file shows 32:36 but only play 7:46 help!

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asked Jul 31, 2019 by jans (120 points)
I have a wav file that was recorded on an H4N but only plays a part of the file. The file is 135mb and in iTunes, I can see the 32:36 time, but when it plays in iTunes, Audition, VLC it only plays 7:46 seconds. Can your tool fix the file issue? I opened it, but honestly, have no idea what I'm looking at.

Thanks for any pointers.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 10, 2019 by andreas (2,460 points)
Such issues can have different causes -- either the information about the data length is wrong (can be corrected) or the actual audio data is incomplete (can't be fixed if data is not present).

If there's not enough audio data in the file it may be the case that the data is actually recorded and written on the SD card but just the file size is too small.

So each such case has to be checked thoroughly to see if there's something that can be rescued (as we did via email).