How to find differences between two Binary files?

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asked Oct 11, 2019 in Synalyze It! by jrr (160 points)
Looking for a way to Compare 2 similar binary files (only a few bytes different) - so the differences either show up in different colours, or the program generates a list of differences with their location. I seem to recall having a procedure to do this, but have forgotten how...


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answered Oct 11, 2019 by jrr (160 points)
Well, should have looked a bit longer I guess...

There it was, under the Files drop-down menu - you call it "New Diff", and yes, you load two files in and the differences show up as another colour.

May I suggest that you have this info in the Help file?

'New Diff' works exactly as I wanted, just a bit more buried than I could casually find 'casue I was looking for "Compare'!.

Great program!