Looks amazing, is it still maintained?

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asked Jul 29, 2021 in Synalyze It! by jakecarter (150 points)
I just happened across this app and it looks amazing. Would really help with some work I'm doing, but before I buy, I just wanted to check to make sure it's still maintained. I'm running macOS 15 beta and got an alert that the app needs to be updated and won't work on a future version of macOS. I believe this has to do with the python2 to python3 transition. Anyway... Is this still maintained? I really hope so because this looks very useful.

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answered Aug 1, 2021 by andreas (2,840 points)
selected Aug 1, 2021 by jakecarter
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Yes, it's still maintained and a new version with native M1 support should be released soon.

This implies of course the transition to Python 3.
commented Aug 1, 2021 by jakecarter (150 points)
That's great news! Just bought the Pro version. I've already started developing a custom grammar for the the thing I'm working on. Thanks so much for the reply!