Keyboard shortcuts to navigate a Diff Window?

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asked Jan 23, 2018 in Synalyze It! by bitbyte (220 points)
Hi, I'd like to navigate a Diff Window using keyboard shortcuts. I didn't find any way to use shortcuts.
Shortcuts that appear useful to me are:
- Jump to next diff
- Jump to previous diff
- Jump to diff location # (shows a little window that allows to enter a number that corresponds to the number of diffed occourences)

1 Answer

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answered Jun 17, 2018 by andreas (2,440 points)
Thank you for the suggestion, I've added this feature to the ticket system.

It should be relatively easy to implement.
commented Jul 31, 2018 by lukash (130 points)
+1 on this, I have a byte-by-byte diff of 100M+ files and it's very hard to spot the differences just scrolling through it as it is just so much data.