Grammar in diff?

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asked Jul 31, 2018 in Synalyze It! by lukash (130 points)
Is there a way to display grammar in diff window?

I'm comparing two huge firmware dumps (around 100MB), I created a custom grammar for Nand blocks/pages and would like to see "where the difference is" using my grammar.

Optionally - a way to copy offset in diff so i can quickly jump to it in another window with a single firmware is a good workaround :) Right now I have not found a way to get to the offset of the change in diff in any easy way.



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answered Aug 23, 2018 by andreas (2,460 points)
Right now there's unfortunately no way to display the grammar in the diff window. Would it help to have the colors of the normal hex view or are you asking for the parsing results of both diff'ed files? That would probably work only on wide displays - two hex views and two views with parsing result trees.

Regarding the offset in the diff window - you mean to copy the current offset to the clipboard, for example in a contextual menu?
commented Nov 27, 2018 by dominickpastore (160 points)
I also agree that this would be very useful. The colors of the regular hex view would be nice at least, but the parsing results would be preferable. I would say there is no need to see the parsing results for both files simultaneously, but being able to see the parsing results for one at a time (whichever you clicked on last) would be very useful.