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asked Oct 4 in Synalyze It! by axello (130 points)

I am wondering if the Pro or lite version is able to display a floating point value from a calculation, when the original value is an integer value?

Many serial streams in the embedded world have a more precise fixed point number, but you want the displayed value to be more human readable.


0x14: 0x000B90: Total grid power output * 100 = 29.60 kWh

So I want to convert the integer to float, divide by 100 and display the result as 29.60, instead of 29

I now have the Value "TotalPower / 100", which discards the number behind the decimal point.

Is this possible in Synalyse It! or do  I have to start writing a python script?

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answered Oct 10 by andreas (2,440 points)
Currently the number is always forrmatted as an integer number if it is interpreted as an integer number according to the grammar.