How to export parsed results to a file

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asked Nov 16, 2019 by paulneumeyer (130 points)
I'd like a way to export the parsed results to an external file to verify the parsing is correct using a separate data analysis tool .  It seems the python script is executed in a restricted mode, which is good when running third party scripts that may be a security threat, but stops my script doing IO.

I notice a method on the Results class called exportToFile but I can't find any documentation on what it does or an example of using it. I'd be interested in what it does.

Is there a way to either run my own script without the restricted mode, allowing me to do any IO I need.  Otherwise is there a method available from within the scripting that allows me to save the parsed values to file.

I can always write python separately but it would seem like a pity if the parsed values couldn't easily be exported from a Hexinator script.

Thanks, +Paul

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answered Mar 1, 2020 by v-muller (150 points)

I'm not sure if I understand, but maybe you want the same as me.

I would like to be able save selected part of (parsed) file as new file.

For example:

Yamaha keyboard style file consists of 2 parts: MIDI + CASM data

I want to save the first (MIDI) part as a new MIDI file.