Examples of all the different kinds of scripts?

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asked Apr 20, 2017 in Python by taiden87 (150 points)
edited Apr 20, 2017 by taiden87
Can someone recommend a few grammars available via the Grammar->Download menu that have lots of scripts?

I would like to see examples of all the various kinds of scripting that Synalyze It! Pro supports.  Python is better for me, but I would get a lot out of Lua examples too.

I did see the Script Page and have examined those scripts. I need to see more of them in action.

I am dealing with some old, not-well-designed data files. Grammars dealing with older formats might be the ones requiring more scripting, but I cannot tell by the names and my intuition is not serving me well.

Thank you!  This is such great software!

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answered Apr 21, 2017 by andreas (3,420 points)
I'd recommend to download all collected grammars from https://github.com/synalysis/Grammars and do a grep for "<script>" - that should reveal all usages of scripting in grammars.

Does this help?
commented Apr 21, 2017 by taiden87 (150 points)
Yes, that helps a lot.  Thank you.