Decode small Nokia full dump of a mobile phone

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asked Jan 24, 2020 in Hexinator by aikon (120 points)

Would like to extract the contact and messages off a full dump that was extracted directly via chip off. Can see the SMS messages and contacts together with numbers but there is no order. Would like to view the receiver of the messages and the dates these were sent for instance. The whole bin file is 8mb.

Thanks for any help or advice

1 Answer

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answered Feb 18, 2023 by guruadmin (680 points)
First step is to check if the file format is documented somewhere. If not, it probably makes sense to check if you can spot patterns in the file. For example, every SMS message or contact very likely follows a similar pattern. Dates/time values for example are stored in many formats as 4-byte integers with seconds since 1970.