Anyone using OSX Monterey v 12.3 with SynalyseIT?

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asked Mar 15, 2022 in Synalyze It! by wyattd (150 points)
Heads up:

Just Installed Monterey v 12.3. Instant crash with SynalyseIT v 1.23.4

Have raised a support Ticket.




1 Answer

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answered Aug 21, 2022 by guruadmin (240 points)

Please have a look at this (beta) version:

Be aware that now Python 3.10 is included so some existing scripts may have to be adapted.

Especially make sure that function calls are written like this:


And that // must be used for integer division instead of /

Any feedback is appreciated!

P.S.: There will also be an App Store version, of course

commented Aug 21, 2022 by mother (100 points)
Can those of us who purchased through the Apple App Store get a complimentary serial number? I have been waiting for weeks for this release (thank you!!) but the App store is known to be slow.
commented Aug 21, 2022 by guruadmin (240 points)
edited Aug 24, 2022 by guruadmin
The Mac App Store version is now also released.